Don’t Be That Brand: Social Media Blunders

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Singaporeans spend a staggering 2.2 hours daily scrolling through social media platforms. Despite this significant digital presence, your brand fails to engage consumers effectively. Does this perplex you?  

In the relentless pursuit of ROIs, many brands seem to have lost sight of the social aspect of digital platforms. As a result, brands unwittingly make a costly oversight of overlooking relationship-building with interested consumers. Here, we unveil a list that even experts in their field might inadvertently make; an urgent call to action for businesses to enhance the effectiveness of content published in order to sustain a competitive edge in this fiercely competitive industry.  

Feature-Driven Thinking 

Selling features alone would not captivate the hearts and minds of consumers, conversely leaving them disengaged and unimpressed. It is not all about what your product can do; it is about the life-changing benefits your product will bring to consumers. Simply bombarding them with complex terminology and heavy content is not the way to go, however impressive they are. Utilising persuasive communication to market the undeniable benefits of the product and service you sell is more important. This would mean highlighting how offerings would solve consumer pain points and value-add to their lives. Drop the lengthy specifications for concise, easy-to-digest information to enable better communication between both parties. 

Drowning in a Sea of Promotional Content 

Beware of the pitfall of inundating your social media platforms with an excessive amount of promotional content. 

Consumers today are digitally savvier than ever, craving authenticity and meaningful connections through captivating content that seamlessly aligns with a brand’s unique identity. When consumers follow a brand and are bombarded with advertising promotions devoid of genuine interaction, brands fail to meet their expectations. This egregious error could undermine a brand’s credibility and tarnish its image, alienating audiences and leading to a rapid decline in consumer engagement and loyalty. Breaking out of this misguided approach to embrace a strategic balance between minimal promotional messages and more compelling content is needed. Brands must prioritise fostering a sense of community and forging lasting connections to position the brand as a trusted authority in the industry rather than fall prey to the allure of promotional content.   

#Excessive #and #Irrelevant #Hashtags 

Filling posts with an abundance of hashtags might give the illusion of wider exposure, but this is not true. While hashtags possess the power to amplify a brand’s reach, restraint should be exercised to prevent the inundation of posts with hashtags. 


A focused selection of 3 to 5 hashtags per post ensures that there is a healthy blend of trending, applicable and branded hashtags that truly resonates with the content being put out. This would maintain your brand’s authenticity while tapping into dynamic social media conversations. 

Clickbait Culture 

While clickbait tactics may generate fleeting impressions in the short run, they pose a significant risk of undermining a brand’s integrity.  


Prioritising authenticity and transparency for your brand’s continued success is key. Respecting readers’ interests and delivering on their expectations through valuable, tailored content fosters a genuine connection and the establishment of the brand as a reliable source of information. This approach would differentiate your brand from competitors whilst cultivating a loyal following that seeks out and believes in your content. 

Digital Surveillance 

Retargeting advertisements are a risky strategy that, more often than not, backfires. While the initial intention might be to gently guide consumers towards a desired action, it often ends up being intrusive, annoying and overwhelming for users. This approach can thus severely damage user experience and tarnish a brand’s reputation, pushing users away. Consumers’ boundaries and preferences should be respected through tailored advertisements that respect a user’s journey without overbearing disturbances. A more effective approach would be to use data and insights about an individual’s interest and behaviour to create relevant and meaningful advertisements that feel personalised rather than intrusive. The way content is delivered also matters; content should be delivered at appropriate intervals and timings in a contextually relevant manner with little to no pressure for consumers to have the freedom to make decisions at their own pace.  

Breaking the Barriers 

Here are some guidelines for your business to dominate the realm of social media. From mastering the art of creating engaging content to establishing two-way communication, these invaluable insights and strategies can catapult one’s social media presence to great heights, if diligently followed. 

Initiating Reciprocal Communication 

Effective leveraging of social media platforms does not only involve posting content and hoping for engagement; brands must actively participate in conversations and prioritise the enhancement of customer service. This would entail focusing on key metrics such as response rate, response time and response quality. 

A robust social media management framework and communication strategy should first be established. Well-defined guidelines would provide a direction for engaging with followers, responding to inquiries and promptly addressing concerns. This would ensure consistency and professionalism in all interactions.  

In addition, social media channels should be actively monitored for comments, messages and mentions. Prompt and helpful responses to inquiries and feedback are vital. Negative reviews should also be seen as an opportunity for service recovery. Proactive interventions to address and rectify a situation demonstrate a branding company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. There might even be the potential to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate. However, it is not to say that this will be an easy task. Navigating criticism and potential trolls with tact and grace without damaging a brand’s reputation is no easy feat.  

The power of social media lies in the ability to facilitate real-time conversations. Engage your followers, listen to their feedback and foster a sense of community. By building a two-way communication channel, one can create a loyal customer base that feels heard and valued.   

Shining a Spotlight on Consumers: Promoting User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful storytelling tool as it goes beyond traditional marketing tactics by allowing consumers to share their experiences and opinions about a brand. Such content is perceived to have a more genuine and trustworthy perspective of information as it comes from the user rather than being orchestrated by the brand. Users should hence be actively encouraged to associate with your brand through tagging or hashtags for active engagement and the generation of organic content.   


Regular research on the hashtags and keywords associated with your brand should also be done. This proactive approach allows for insights about the brand to be gained, emerging trends to be identified and potential improvement opportunities to be uncovered. Compelling UGC that aligns with a brand’s values can also be re-posted to showcase customer experiences, reinforcing a sense of community among a brand’s followers and attracting new consumers who resonate with the experiences shared.   

However, businesses might face difficulties in encouraging users to generate content as many consumers are passive observers who may be reluctant to actively engage with brands. Innovative ways to incentivise users would need to be implemented. User submissions also need to comply with legal and ethical boundaries, which can be a time-consuming and taxing task. Additionally, maintaining quality standards when users can freely contribute can be tough due to the unpredictability of content quality and relevance. Striking a balance between encouraging participation and upholding brand guidelines could pose a challenge to businesses.   

Standing Out in the Crowd  

It is essential for branding companies to demonstrate the foresight to recognise and address the detrimental traits they exhibit. The failure to do so would not only inhibit their potential to expand their reach, but also limit the number of lasting impressions they can make on influential audiences. Recognising and rectifying these damaging attributes is the key to unlocking opportunities for growth and success in the dynamic industry of social media.  

Keep in mind that in a customer-centric business of serving and connecting with individuals, understanding and meeting their needs should be prioritised. Behind every transaction, there is a person with desires, preferences and expectations. Hence, time should be taken to actively listen and understand their pain points and feedback in order to tailor offerings for a personalised and satisfactory experience. Empathy should also be displayed to showcase a branding agency’s value for customers as people. Relationship building is a strenuous, long-term endeavour. However, striving to not only meet consumers’ immediate needs but also leave a lasting impression on them at every touchpoint would cultivate loyal brand advocates.  

A prominent shift that businesses can hop on is the movement towards niche communities. Businesses could consider increasing the use of micro-influencers with genuine expertise and smaller, highly engaged audiences. This would encourage more genuine connections and ultimately, conversions.  

Social media is an ever-changing realm that demands businesses to stay ahead of the curve. To thrive in this landscape, businesses should continuously evolve their approach and content based on shifts in trends. Staying still or relying on outdated strategies is not an option.  

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